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Drum Tuning
A comprehensive guide to tuning drums
The perfect book for learning to drum tuning!

This book is an in-depth guide to tuning drums. It is written in an easy-to-read basic format that can benefit every drummer from begginer to pro. Learn how to tune your drums today and order this excellent book.

"This book is both simple and simply great. Over the past 15 years I've tried many ways to tune my kit for a better balanced sound, but it wasn't until I read Nolly's book that I was able to get results. I first got curious after seeing the endorsements of Appice, Aronoff and Mitch Mitchell and then going back to an old Modern Drummer magazine that had an article by the author on tuning. I took a chance and wasn't disappointed, and I recommended it as a practical reference source for any drummer regardless the level of experience. It works!"
C. Winokoor

Order Drum Tuning:A comprehensive guide tuning drums!

By Larry M. Nolly

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